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Superman, Superwoman, Please Stand Up!

Growing up we used to marvel at the various super heroes that would flash across our television sets or within the pages of our favorite comic books.  Their faster than lightening speed and strength, their ability to leap over tall buildings, their incredible vision and wisdom seemed to be unsurpassed by no mere mortal.  But news is, it can and that to me is awesome!

As an adult and working for one of the most incredible non-profits in the world, I get to see first hand the unbelievable work that is done on a daily basis by human beings.  The hearts bursting at the seams to help someone in need, whether it’s through feeding someone a hot meal, providing them with something cold to drink, tending to the wounded with necessary medical care or hold their hand and praying that the Lord keep them safe and fill them with peace.  I have witnessed individuals work in conditions that would be unbearable to some.  Extremely hot weather, where not even a slight breeze dares blow, the sun shines relentlessly and as the sweat pours down from a sun burned face and neck, the person continues to smile and provides the aid needed.  Frigid, ice cold temperatures can be found as well, but this fails to stop the drive and love of someone who is there to help.  As teeth chatter and a sharp, uncontrollable wind rips through every layer of clothing one has on, the person smiles and provides the aid needed.  Super human?  Perhaps, but I see it as one led by a Super God, the One who can give you the ability to do so many things one would think is totally impossible, but isn’t.  Missionaries who devote their time in countries unfamiliar to them in order to promote change and bring life to those who are lost or suffering.  Those who drive all over a city collecting coats, clothes and blankets so that later that evening they can be distributed to those who call the street home regardless of the below freezing temperatures.

I could share so many examples of the men and women who exemplify the word “Super Hero”  via the countless selfless acts that end up shaping and saving so many lives!  Saving a damsel from distress, stopping a large bomb before it detonates in the middle of a large city or the world for that matter are examples of heroic behavior based upon the movies or books, but the relationships, love and prayer that is exchanged every single day of the week throughout the world regardless of circumstances or resources is just as heroic!  Is it all too much for one person?  Is it overwhelming when you see all of the need?  Yes, but together, we are able to reach many and with God at the helm, have the opportunity to change the world!  It is a fact, that individuals who seek to help those around them with their special vision, their strength, their speed and wisdom will succeed and the enemy doesn’t stand a chance.

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