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Raising Awareness and Lifting the Soul!

That’s what I believe music does for all of us no matter the venue or the artist.  Somehow, someway as we hear beautifully written lyrics and musical notes we are transported to places we have never been or take a nostalgic trip to times that we’d almost forgotten but are now pleasantly reminded of.  Music stirs your inner soul with it’s powerful messages and striking presentations as you watch an artist live on stage or view a music video that depicts the story or thought process behind the song.

So, it’s only natural to infuse music within causes that so many people feel passionately about.  No matter the cause, an artist has the ability to speak life, encouragement and hope through the songs they perform.  As they speak to a crowd in between their well known hits or songs they have just debuted, they have the opportunity to share their heart and their dreams and the audience is receptive.  We all want to make a difference in this world and when benefit concerts or concerts that raise awareness to the communities or world around us are held it’s just an incredible platform to allow music to enter the soul and awaken our giving spirits within.  It can motivate us to move forward; to be a part of the change and to witness to others of the impact we can all have.

The Salvation Army was the benefactor of the “Healing Haiti One Song @ A Time benefit concert January 27th sponsored by Discover615 and 12th and Porter in Nashville, TN.  It was an incredible night of music with ego and self left at the door and nothing but caring hearts infiltrating the room.  The music was awesome as Melinda Doolittle, Jonny Lang, Matt Wertz, Marc Broussard, Dave Barnes, Tommy Sims, Heidi Rojas, Josh Hoge and Matt Ridenour hit the stage and belted out familiar and new tunes to an audience that was eager to hear, eager to see and eager to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  Tickets were $40.00 per person and during the concert, Ashley Puckett who emceed and orchestrated the event pointed out, “Your $40 just purchased 350 bottles of water for the people of Haiti.”  Then she quickly turned to another concert goer and stated, “Your $40 just purchased 3 meals a day for several families in Haiti for 5 days.”  This made it so real for those who attended and parted with their cash that night.  They saw the pictures and they heard the work that was being done in a country far away.  They witnessed The Salvation Army’s Area Commander for Nashville stand on the 12th and Porter stage in full uniform and guarantee to them that all monies raised; 100% would go straight to the people of Haiti to feed and provide medical care.  That night $15,000 was collected from tickets sold and from a silent auction that ran simultaneously with the concert.  Discover615 has shared that more concerts are in the works as the need continues to grow with the people of Haiti as shelter, food, water and medicine are daily necessities within the country and cities who are struggling to rebuild and restore their lives.

In March, The Salvation Army will seek to raise awareness as to what’s happening in the North East Nashville community by coordinating a “Community Celebration 2010” to be held at The Salvation Army Magness Potter Community Center.  The goal of this event is to allow people to see what obstacles face North East Nashville, but that resources, tools and opportunities are available to anyone who is seeking assistance, help and guidance.  This event will be an opportunity for those who call North East Nashville home to find out what is missing from their personal “toolbox” and who can help them reclaim those tools once again.  Programs for children, sports, music, budgeting classes, counseling for adults and children, cooking classes 101,  affordable childcare, Dress for Success, job readiness, GED classes, affordable medical care, church activities and the list goes on and on.  So many organizations will be present including The Salvation Army who currently provides many of these above listed opportunities.  This event will kick off March 1 at 6pm and will feature games for the kids, plenty of food and music provided by The Soul Choir and Hollywood Records Recording artist Jordan Pruitt.  We look forward to having many, many folks walking through our doors and not only learn what is available to them as a resident of the community but be alerted to the needs of the community and how through working together, volunteering our time and donating to the cause, life can and will be changed!

A Big Thank You to every one of you for your prayers and support!  As more events line up, we promise to keep you posted!

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