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Talk and Tour

Every Third Thursday of the month, The Salvation Army hosts a Talk and Tour which is designed to let you know what’s going on Behind the Red Shield here in Nashville.  Lunch is provided and a video is played that walks you through our history, testimonies of staff, volunteers and clients as well as provide an overview of our programs.  Once the meal is complete and the video has ended, guests are then led on a guided tour throughout our facilities so not only do you get to hear about what we’re doing but you get to experience it as well.  We walk you through the Transitional Housing suites where homeless families, single women or single men reside.  You are taken through our Kare for Kids group home that cares for the children of clients in our program so that our families or single parents have one less thing to worry about…knowing their children are in a safe environment gives them the peace of mind to move forward with finding employment enabling them to take that leap from dependency to being independent.

Next, everyone gets to hop in our small mid bus and we are off to our Magness Potter Community Center which is just two streets down from our main office.  Our community center has been serving the youth within East Nashville since the 1940’s and continues to be a “safe” place as many of the children refer to it as…a place where a strong after school and summer program exists, which consists of sports, bible study, computer learning, homework labs and art/music classes.  At any point during the day, children can be found walking to and from their classes, smiles on their faces; eager to be with friends and learn something new.

Our Talk and Tours are every 3rd Thursday of the month, throughout the year.  We start at 12 noon and end by 1:15 p.m.  I encourage you to come on out and join us one Thursday and if you like it, please bring your friends or groups from work or church…guaranteed to open your eyes and allow you to see and meet some amazing people who are striving to make changes within their community and themselves, one step at a time!

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