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Is It a Calling or Is It a Choice?

I have heard it said that “Love is a Choice” and while that may be true, I firmly believe that to truly experience a love for something or someone else is a calling or emotional attachment as well.  It’s an overwhelming feeling of connection; something that can be hard to describe but so easily felt when one comes in contact with that which impacts and changes their lives in ways they never imagined.  Now I could be describing a love interest, that butterflies; jello legs feeling that occurs when you meet that certain guy or gal, but I believe this could also occur in your line of work especially within the non-profit sector.  Can someone choose to work with the impoverished, homeless, abused or destitute over long periods of time by making a simple choice that this is for me, or do they truly have to be called to this line of work.  Something within them has countless amounts of empathy and compassion for those enduring hardships; seeking a better way of life.  While at the same time understanding that many will abuse and work the system, which can cause a disheartening feeling at times, but lasts but a moment because of the many who truly appreciate and opt to grow and change from the chances presented to them.

I believe it is essential for us to have folks working in all sectors of life, For-profit and Non-profit and that not everyone is meant to be within certain environments.  Where you flourish and will make the most impact with your giftings is where you need to be.  Life is too short to just get by, make money or reach the top without a single ounce of personal fulfillment or the opportunity to change another person’s life.

Just something to think about and ponder as we enter a new year….I truly believe I was called to work within the non-profit sector and no matter what I am doing whether it’s cleaning a warehouse, running programs, processing paperwork or holding the hand of a grandmother who is asking for prayer because she just inherited her grandchild from a mother who opted for a life of prostitution…it is all for the sake of “Others” not myself and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it!

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