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Feelin’ Refreshed?

Ahhh…the New Year is here and 2010 promises to bring so many fresh opportunities for people to change and truly live, not just survive and exist.  The New Year presents a chance for families or individuals to put aside their differences and learn to accept one another for who they are.  It’s when we can all re-center and re-focus on the relationships in our lives and review as to whether or not they are truly all they can be or are they dormant and isolated, shielded from the light; preventing any real growth.

The Salvation Army is ready to dive into this new year refreshed and rejuvenated from the Christmas season where this year over 14,000 individuals were assisted with clothes, toys and food.  We are ready to jump into programs and initiatives that will continue to lift those who come to us on a daily basis seeking assistance, resources or counseling.  We are eager to take our community center to the next level as we serve the youth within the East Nashville area, providing strong mentoring programs, sports and personal development opportunities for at-risk children who yearn for someone to look up to and guide them down a sometimes bleak and uncertain pathway.  They want to see the light at the end of the tunnel and The Salvation Army wants to be a part of that journey!

Spreading the word on what is Going on Behind the Red Shield is a huge goal for us in 2010.  We look forward to sharing more stories than ever with you on a daily basis regarding our various programs, interviews with the clients we serve or insight from the employees, volunteers or donors who give of their time and talent in hopes of reaching the greater good and making a difference.

The Salvation Army will never be satisfied with just getting by or doing the same thing because it has always worked.  We want to move forward stronger and more determined than ever to reach as many people as possible with not only personal experiences about the work we are doing, but also physically touch those who are hurting, those who cry out for change; who are just so unsure as to how to go about doing it and those who have all but given up hope on every finding fulfillment in their life, which can only be found in Jesus.  Soup, Soap and Salvation were the strong words exclaimed on the streets of London by Salvation Army founder William Booth.  He was driven to clean the body and the soul, feed the body and the soul so as to enable you to become whole in Him.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!

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