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I know that in many of the blogs I write it’s centered around those we serve or the volunteers who give of their precious time to the cause, but I would like to share a few moments with you regarding a couple of employees at The Salvation Army and the wedding I just attended.

The wedding was perhaps the most magical and enchanting wedding I had personally ever been too.  It couldn’t have gone smoother or had better preparation.  There were fall flowers everywhere and the delightful piano music made you feel like you were walking about in an English garden; roses everywhere.  The bridesmaids wore crimson satin dresses that were tastefully designed and elegantly worn.  The groomsmen all looked dapper in their tuxes and the groom, Mike, our Building Maintenance Mechanic stood out with his radiant smile and yellow flower that smartly hung from his lapel.

As the music started and the doors opened I turned around and placed my hand on my heart at the beauty of the bride, Julie, one of our case workers who stood before me in the most stunning gown and veil.  Her eyes danced with excitement and I do not believe her feet ever touched the ground as she glided across the floor toward her husband to be.  They eyes met and never separated until the ceremony was over, they were announced as husband and wife and the kiss that soon followed.

We celebrate with our clients as they strive to over come hurdles in their life and we rejoyce with them in all of their successes and likewise we support and love our staff as they move forward with new phases of their life…cheering and applauding right there with them!

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