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Everyone Deserves a Chance

People-LonelyWe should all consider every day a blessing no matter the circumstances in our lives.  No matter what shattered dreams may have befallen us, what relationships have fallen apart or what jobs we may have lost no matter how hard we worked.  It’s important to view these situations in our lives as opportunities for growth and learning…and most importantly, an opportunity to seek God and his guidance.  I have learned from personal experience that I truly lack the wisdom and knowledge to carefully plan out and orchestrate my steps without error.  I somehow get in my own way and allow emotions and what I “think” is the right plan take the wheel and steer.  This is of course usually lands me off course and into a ditch that forces me to sit tight until a tow truck reaches my location.  I’m sure you can guess by now who the tow truck is and how cool it is that no matter how many times I find myself in the ditch, God is always willing to pull me back out, dust me off and say, “try again.”

At The Salvation Army we are all about “chances” especially second chances because after all how many of us out there are perfect in every way; never once making a mistake??  Who are we to judge those who have used poor judgment in their lives, who have leaned more toward destructive behavior versus constructive?  Not everyone has the blessing of a strong, solid family background or had mentors around you to encourage you and lift you up when you felt you had no chance or potential of becoming anything great.  Our goal is to reach out to that person who is striving to better themselves and provide them with the resources and tools that will enable them to make the necessary changes in their lives and become productive once again with their families, their job and their friends.

The Salvation Army is all about “Doing the Most Good” in the lives of those who arrive on our doorstep seeking help.  The mother with 3 children who is trying desperately to escape an abusive relationship, the single woman who after a series of heartbreaking relationships and countless jobs is ready to finish her education and better her situation or the 25 year old man who’s been drinking whiskey since he was 12, isolated himself from everyone he’s ever loved but has now realized he needs to change or else face a downward spiral of self destruction and emptiness.arc

Through our Transitional Housing programs and our Life Skills Learning classes, The Salvation Army is poised and ready to assist those eager to make the life change and versus a hand out consisting of money or food, which although necessary will only place the band aid on the real issue at hand, we are all about a hand up!  We want to elevate people to the next level in their life; show them all they can be, encourage them every step of the way, equip them with the tools necessary for the task at hand and above all exemplfy Christ in all that we do so they too can pass that along in this new life they are about to lead.

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