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That about sums it up.  This is why The Salvation Army exists and why since 1865 we have served those in need all over the world without any thought to “what’s in it for me?”

9-11-01_The_jpg=600Throughout the years, The Salvation Army has selflessly given of their time, energy and even lives so that one may experience life, love and comfort even on their darkest day; in their darkest hour.  During 9/11, Firefighters, Port Authority officers, Police Officers and everyone else who was trying desperately to sift through hot coals and ashes looking for survivors were experiencing aching and burning feet.  The Salvation Army rose to the call and Major Molly Schotzberger along with many other Salvation Army staff quickly got down on their hands and needs and without a second thought would remove the boots off those who were tirelessly working Ground Zero.  These women would strip off the wet socks, clean their feet, dust them with baby powder, provide them with clean socks and assist them into their boots before sending them back into the extreme conditions.  This was a beautiful example of a servants heart and exemplifies the mission of The Salvation Army day in and day out!barc

In 1914, many are not aware of the tragic sinking of the RMS Empress of Ireland which claimed more lives that the RMS Titanic.  This ship carrying 1477 passengers including 170 members of The Salvation Army unknowingly plunged into the side of a 6000 ton vessel named the Storstad because of the dense fog that had settled.  Within an hour the ship had sunk into icy cold water and 1012 were lost including members of The Salvation Army whom survivors recount as taking off their own life jackets and putting it on others in order to save their lives.  When the bodies of the Salvationists were found, not a single one was wearing a life jacket.

These are just two examples of the men and women who believe that it’s best to do for “others.”  To take care of those in need, no matter who they are, where they’ve been or what they’ve done.  We are here to be a servant and in His name share the love of Jesus through the words that we speak, but most importantly through the warmth of an embrace, the connection of our hands and the empathy in our eyes.

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