When Angels Sing

This Sunday, October 21st on the stage of the famous Grand Ole Opryhouse, 5 area high school choral groups will blend angelic voices together to benefit The Salvation Army of Nashville.

Hillsboro High School, Independence High School, Pearl Cohn High School, Centennial High School and Donelson Christian Academy all possess top notch choral groups who have participated in many events here in Nashville and across the United States, showcasing beautiful harmonies, enchanting melodies, dazzling choreography and lots of heart, soul and passion for the art!

Donelson Christian Academy Show Choir – Legacy

The stage will consist of brilliant lighting, breath taking back drops and the faces of this cities youth as they strive to raise awareness for a program that is celebrating it’s 30th year in Nashville.  These kids have practiced tirelessly, focusing on the mission of this performance.  With the poise and grace of each dance step, they are moving for an angel; a child who has been given a little hope for Christmas this year with the Angel Tree program.  With each note that rings through the auditorium; each word that is sung, they are speaking for the thousands who line up to register for the program in hopes of light this Christmas versus the bleakness they may face on a daily basis.

Along with these amazing groups, this event is hosted  and will include performances by the incomparable Nashville Choir and the Event Emcee’s American Idol’s Bo Bice along with special presentations and music by WSMV’s Lisa Spencer, Mix92.9 Mix Morning Crew (Anna Marie Ritter, Clint Redwine and Kim Leslie), St Louis’ own StikYard and Danielle Kingsley!

So bring your family, encourage your co-workers and friends and make this your new holiday tradition….sure it’s a little early but need knows no season!

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Angels helping Angels, that’s music to our ears!

This amazing event  is made possible by Presenting Sponsors: Dr and Mrs. Thomas F Frist Jr. and Trevecca Nazarene University

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Dr and Mrs Brevard Haynes

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With Many Thanks…….

Our National Advisory Board along with officers and staff from around the United States, including Former First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush and her daughter Jenna Bush-Hager came to town last week.  We hosted a breakfast in the morning and later that night, we presented a 2 hour program in the gymnasium of The Salvation Army Magness Potter Community Center.  The goal?  To share what’s been happening over the past several years here at The Salvation Army in Nashville and the lives of those who have been impacted by the programming.

The night would not have been possible without our production and tech crew and companies who donated their services to help make this event unforgettable.  We wanted to recognize the very talented and giving companies who made this happen!

Invested Productions provided us great insight and planning into the production of the event which included fabric that encircled the room with images of our programs displayed in harmony with each speaker.  We shared the vision and they creatively made it come to life incorporating techniques never used in that type of setting!  Big thanks to Jon Allen and his amazing staff at Invested Productions!

DWP Live donated close to a million dollars worth of video equipment for this event and provided the very talented crew to accompany it.  The images displayed, the colors, depth and quality was a blessing as it drew in the audience, enabling them to feel like they were present in each picture shown.  Congrats to Tennessee based DWP Live for being awarded the NEXT Award which is Excellence and Entrepreneurship.  We’re not surprised, as they provided the projectors/crew for the Super Bowl Half Time show last year and created an amazing ambiance for our National Advisory board dinner.  Thanks again to DWPLive!

Lights, camera, action!  You can’t have one without the other and thanks to the folks at Delta Stage Lighting, we had beautiful lighting for this event.  As each speaker stood and shared, the lights fell in a soft subtle, yet enchanting way, reflecting beautifully off the dark carpet highlighting the images on the canvas and creating a starry effect during transitions.  Thank you again Delta Stage Lighting!

A voice can only travel so far and every note a musical instrument provides can only impact the select few who happen to sit close enough, and for the rest, the message and music is lost without the gift of audio!  Microphones, speakers, etc, a big, big thank you to Digital Console Rental who helped provide us with the equipment we needed to share the messages; to tell the stories!  Thanks again to the folks at Digital Console Rental, it was music to our ears!!

And the beautiful fabric, provided by Blue Nova which provided us with the means to display images over the past 122 years here at The Salvation Army.  Our very own palette in which we could allow the audience to see and understand the impact of their support of this organization and how not only immediate change can occur but legacies are created!  Thank you again to Blue Nova for this wonderful gift!

And finally, to Event Systems Nashville for generously donating audio equipment for this event.  The gift of sound is a blessing and we are very grateful for having state of the art audio equipment provided to us by Digital Console Rental and Event Systems Productions.  We could’ve had all the lights and imagery possible but without the message being heard and the musical notes and powerful lyrics being absorbed, the event becomes lost, with no impact to be gained.  Thank you again Event Systems Nashville for the wonderful gift of sound!

Thank you to Walker Mathews, Eba Hobbs and RC Mathews Contractors for their assistance in obtaining necessary equipment to help get this project off the ground!  Literally!  The scissor lifts and generator were what helped get this program off to a great start!  Thank you again!

Want to view the transformation?  Click here!

We would also like to personally thank our speakers who shared that night,(Staff member) Mike Servais, (Magness Potter Community Center Alumni) DeCarlos Robinson and a graduate of our Transitional Housing Program with introductions by Sgt Ernie Simms, April Calvin and Lt Colonels Charles and Shirley White.

A big thank you to the incomparable Nashville Choir, under the direction of John Coates for their magnificent blend of voices that opens and closes an evening like no other!

To singer/songwriter, Lara Landon, who is a member of our Berry Street Worship Center and shared on her love for the people who attend there!

And to singer/songwriter/author and humanitarian, Jimmy Wayne, recipient of Angel Tree when he was a child.  Jimmy shared on his tumultuous childhood, the Costner’s who provided light amidst the darkness and how to this day, he continues to fight on the behalf of foster youth in the United States.

It was a night, never to be forgotten and it all came together by God’s mighty hand as he brought together amazing companies and individuals who offered their time, talent and treasure to the cause!

We are grateful and thankful!

When Love Came To Town

A week ago, love came to town.  Love, in the form of National Advisory Board members who flew into Nashville to gather together and discuss The Salvation Army.  All from different backgrounds, all from different fields of expertise and employment but one unified love and heart for the mission of The Salvation Army.

Our National Advisory Board members, Salvation Army officers and staff from around the country meet 3 times a year in various cities to not only plan and strategize Salvation Army as a whole but also visit and catch a glimpse into how the local Salvation Army is effectively meeting the need at the point of need in the community in which it resides.

Here in Nashville, we began Thursday, September 20th with a early morning breakfast in which we could meet and chat with our Board members, get to know them and receive an encouraging word from top Nashville business and community leaders, such as Charlie Bryan, Lifetime Nashville Advisory Board Member and Bert Mathews, President of The Mathews Company and Chairman of  the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.  We had the privilege of hearing from our National Advisory Board Chair, Charlotte Jones Anderson, whose passion for The Army rang true as she stated, “compassion is not a spectator sport, everyone has to play.” Then, we concluded with words of encouragement from our National Commander, Commissioner William A. Roberts, who shared on why The Salvation Army does what it does each and every day, “we serve to emulate Christ.”

Later that evening, we held a special program in the gym of our Magness Potter Community Center that featured speakers who had a love for The Salvation Army as a result of impact from one or more of our programs and ministries.  Our National Advisory Board members, local Advisory Board Members, officers and staff filled the tiny gym, anxious for the evening ahead.  We were especially honored by the presence of Former First Lady of the United States and National Advisory Board Member, Laura Bush as well as her daughter Jenna who joined us!

With the help of Invested Productions and DWP Live who donated their talent and skills along with over a million dollars worth of audio/visual equipment, we were able to transform the gym into a 360 degree picture postcard that encircled our guests as they sat at their tables.  At any given moment, snapshots of smiles, hugs, laughter, love, prayer, feeding, clothing, housing, encouraging and teaching adorned the flowing white canvas that served as our palette. A masterful work of art that depicted the lives changed over the past 122 years here at The Salvation Army-Nashville.

Tears, joy, victories and restoration were present within the stories shared by beneficiaries of our various programs.  Among those, Lara Landon, member of The Salvation Army Berry Street Worship center and singer/songwriter in Nashville, Jimmy Wayne, country music artist, author and recipient of Angel Tree as a child and Mike Servais, staff member of The Salvation Army with a long history that traced back to a soup line in the 1920’s,  Green Bay, WI that ended up being more than a meal for his grandmother and her children; it launched a legacy!

The theme of the night was Love Lives Here, but with each Board member and officer who came to visit, it was evident to us that Love Lives Everywhere and that within the souls of each one of us lies an opportunity to serve and create impact, no matter where we come from or what we’ve been through.

As we walked away from that incredibly busy but moving day, we couldn’t help but be reminded of the thousands of individuals and families who on any given day would enter our doors, seeking help.  Those who felt they had no one to listen, no one to care and no one to guide them.  Since 1890, the door has been open in Nashville and there has been an ear to hear, arms to hold and hands to lead, enabling each person to become all that God has desired them to be, mind, body and soul!

Love lives here and always will…….

The Salvation Army Summer Spotlight – Disaster/Emergency Services

This week, we are going to shine a light on the 2 programs that enable us to meet the need at the point of need during times of crisis and disaster.

The Salvation Army began its disaster services ministry on September 8, 1900 when Galveston was hit by a hurricane.  Since then, throughout the world, The Salvation Army’s officers, staff and volunteers have been there, usually within hours of a disaster striking.  During a disaster, we are there to provide warm meals and emotional spiritual care, which means that we offer prayer, empathy, comfort and love to not only victims but also relief workers. It’s also important to note, that when you donate to The Salvation Army’s Disaster Relief, 100% of what you donate will go to disaster services!

Here in Nashville, we maintain a 16 foot mobile feeding kitchen or canteen.  This is ready to go at a moments notice and has been used all over the United States as well as locally.  Our canteen has been sent to Ground Zero, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Ike, Chattanooga, TN, Jackson, TN and locally in Nashville during the tornadoes that affected Murfreesboro, East Nashville, Gallatin, Lafayette and the Flood of 2010.  Our canteen is also utilized weekly to feed the homeless under the Jefferson Street bridge and on East Main Street at the East Nashville Cooperative Ministry.

In addition to the work done in times of disaster, in Nashville we offer Emergency Services to families and individuals who need a little help with rent/utility assistance and food.  We receive over 2000 calls a month from families all over Middle TN who are hungry or may be evicted soon or lose electricity or water from their home because of an inability to pay their bill.  We have various resources who help to provide funding for this program but those resources are utilized very quickly, so it’s a constant challenge to meet the ever growing need.  We are also a satellite site for Second Harvest Food bank and our shelves contain various items such as canned vegetables and fruit, pasta, cereals, tuna, peanut butter and sometimes fresh milk and bread.  With the help of volunteers,  we combine these items in boxes according to family size and hand these out as needed.

We consider it an honor and blessing to serve our brothers and sisters locally and around the US at moments when their whole world is tumbling down around them. We want to be there for them and help them rise out of the circumstance and fill them with hope and peace, allowing them to see that God is there and will see them through this!

“I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.” ~Isaiah 42:16

The Salvation Army Summer Spotlight – Transitional Housing Program

The Center of Hope located at 631 Dickerson Pike hosts many different programs within it’s dome shaped, grey brick structure.  From the outside as you’re driving or walking by, you may be unaware of the many individuals and families who call this place home.

This is where their children are picked up for school in the morning and dropped off every evening.  This is where they attend various classes to help them get back on their feet, acquire their GED, learn how to balance a checkbook, and find a job.  This is where families are provided an apartment complete with furniture, a full bathroom and kitchenette, while our single women and single men’s unit is more like a dorm setting with a private bedroom with furniture and a fridge, a community living area with couches, tables and a TV along with a shared bathroom.  This is where a 3 star child care center is located and watches their children as they strive to get back on their feet.   This is where freshly prepared meals are offered and families sit together in the dining room, enjoying their time together, feeling safe and hopeful, that soon enough, they will have their own place.

The Transitional Housing program here at The Salvation Army is not an overnight shelter.  It’s a place families and individuals can call home while they save their money, acquire and maintain employment, understand and better manage their finances; overall handle their lives in a different manner understanding their own personal value and that there is nothing they can’t do if they set their mind to it.

For the next two weeks, we will spotlight and highlight the various families and individuals who have been impacted by this program.  Love Lives Here!

The Salvation Army Summer Spotlight – Christmas Assistance

A woman in her 30’s has just been released from a small company who had to close it’s doors after 40  years in business.  The economy proved to be too much for this mom and pop operation so reluctantly but out of necessity, they had to share the news with their small staff, that this week was going to be their last.  There were hugs and tears, yet for this single mother of 3, fear and uncertainty began to spread within her as she made her way to the car not knowing what her next step would be.  She’d been with this company over 5 years, fielding phone calls and now every waking moment would be spent combing thru want ads in search of employment that would help to provide for her family.   Throughout the summer, this mom diligently applied for job after job, while attending various job fairs.  The phone wasn’t ringing, offers weren’t coming.  She’d snag some houses to clean so she could make rent but she soon realized she’d have to apply for food stamps so they could eat, something she’d never had to do.  She stood in line for 2 hours while her little ones chased each other around the waiting room.  She began to pray as random names were being called over the intercom.  She simply asked God for help.

As she poured over the Sunday paper, circling employment opportunities, she realized Christmas was just 3 months away and already her children were giggling with excitement about what could possibly be under that tree as images of toys danced across their television screens.  She then came across a note from her daughters school that had info about The Salvation Army Angel Tree program.  She scanned thru the items she needed to bring to qualify and the dates in which to register.  She’d always been able to provide and to admit that she couldn’t now was a bitter pill to swallow.  She set aside her pride and made plans to be there at the warehouse bright and early the next morning.

She pulled into the parking lot and was greeted by several hundred parked cars and a line that stretched the length of the warehouse.  She grabbed her two babies and made her way to the line.  After a few minutes the doors opened and they were greeted by staff who handed each person a number and directed them to a section of chairs.  Numbers were called out and the next one was hers.  She got up, 2 little ones in tow and sat down in front of the employee.  They smiled and asked for her info, in which she provided and within minutes the registration was complete which included requests for diapers, clothes, shoes and winter jackets along with a few toys her girls had mentioned liking.  After they were done, the staff person looked at her and asked if she would like prayer.  The mom broke down as tears poured down her cheeks but her daughter quickly wiped them from her face.  The employee took her hand and softly began to pray “in the name of Jesus” for favor and provision for this family.  When she was through, the mom hugged her and felt hopeful for the first time in months.

3 years later, this mom entered our warehouse as a volunteer.  She was there with her fellow co-workers from a local company to sort through the gifts that had come in and prepare them to be distributed to families.  Upon entering the warehouse and seeing the vast rows of silver and red bags full of gifts for families, she stopped and wept.  The Volunteer Director walked up to her and asked if she was alright.  she replied, “yes.” “This just took my breath away because 3 years ago, one of these bags was for my family.”  She was so grateful for her amazing job and the ability to provide once again as well as give back to the organization that had provided her with hope and prayer!

Christmas assistance via our Angel Tree program or with the ringing of bells at our Red Kettles is more than the collection of gifts or change for programming.  It’s designed to be a beacon of hope and light, love and encouragement.  It’s there to lift up the crushed in spirit and help them rise to who God has called them to be.  Yes there are gifts in the bags we present to families but when it’s opened they feel the love and hope contained within.  Strangers who spent their hard earned money on someone they never met, to help lift their spirits, let them know they are not alone and that someone cares.  Others, that’s what it’s all about here at The Salvation Army as this week we continue to shine the light on our Angel Tree and Red Kettle program.

The Salvation Army Summer Spotlight – Red Shield Kid’s Club

Since 1940, The Salvation Army Magness Potter Community Center has opened it’s doors to the children of  the Northeast Nashville community.  It’s mission?  To provide a safe place for kids to be themselves, create and maintain friendships, participate in sports along with many other organized activities and to learn they are a masterpiece in the eyes of God.

Schedules need to be kept, rules need to be adhered too but love and acceptance are prevalient throughout the halls of this instituion.

During the school year, this community center hosts an after school program complete with tutors who stop by and assist kids with their reading, math, social studies and science assisgnments.  Tutors are here to not only encourage and empower these amazing young minds, but also to help them grasp challenging subjects; enabling them to excel even when deep down inside, students may believe they can’t do it!

In the summer, we offer a day camp which consists of sports, games, music, art, bible study and team building exercises to encourage the importance of working together.  Groups from all over the US will drop by and put on musical shows, share their testimonies and encourage each child to reach for the stars! Lunch is provided by Metro Action of Nashville  and snacks (as well as during the school year) are provided by Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee which is indeed a blessing to many of these children who may have hardly anything to eat at home.  And as an added bonus, children from our summer camp have the opportunity to attend our Camp Paradise Valley located in KY for an entire week!  Here they walk nature trails, go fishing, boating, swimming, horseback riding, play sports, participate in creative arts and bible studies and cultivate new friendships as they meet kids from other Salvation Army community centers across TN and KY.  All of this is possible because of folks like YOU who support The Salvation Army!

All this week, we are going to shine the light on this heart warming program and let you see that with love, patience and understanding , the lives of children are being impacted on a daily basis.   Carlos Lowe, the current Kid’s Club Director, constantly reminds the kids who attend just how important they are and how they have the potential to do great things!  He warns them not to let anyone crush their dreams and tell them they can’t do something!  We have God, which means, we have everything we need to move forward and make a difference!